Summer Storage

Saint Storage offers simple fixed prices for Summer Storage - we know that you're often not sure of the exact date of your return.  We define the summer period as any time in May, until any time in September.  If you store things before the start of May, or still need storage after the end of September, then there will be an additional storage cost. 


Payment is made online by credit or debit card, using our simple secure payment gateway. We reserve the right to charge a late payment fee where payment is made more than 14 days after due.  

Are there other fees other than the storage costs?

Other costs may include:

Over packing – £20.   Failed/missed collection – £15. Failed re-delivery – £15. Cancellation of order after the free standard boxes and packing tape have been delivered and before collection – £40. Overweight item: reclassified to the next category of pricing plus an additional £20. Late fee payment (non-payment of an invoice after 14 days of of issuing) – £30.

Where We Deliver

Delivery of items to the customer will be done to their designated address. This address should be within the town or city of their previous collection address and be within 6 miles of this previous collection address. Any customer who wishes the delivery be done to any other address outwith this 6 mile radius should communicate this via email or telephone with Saint Storage for an agreement on the distance for which we will charge an agreed fee for delivery of the items. In cases where a customer organizes delivery and we are unable to deliver the goods due to any reason within the customer’s control, Saint Storage may charge £25.00 for the failed delivery.

Early Delivery

There is no charge for deliveries made during the two weeks beginning on the Saturday before Freshers' week.  If you require delivery outside this time,  you must inform us before or at the time of collection of your items.  If you do not inform us, then your items will be stored efficiently along with all other items and we may not be able to return them to you other than during the free delivery period.  

We may need to charge you for this early delivery.  Our delivery charges are made only to cover the additional costs in serving a single customer on their own.  

If you have an outstanding balance on your account, we will not be able to return your goods until your account is settled.  

Late Deliveries

Delivery after the free delivery period will be charged as with early deliveries above. If your items require storage beyond the end of September, there will be an additional storage charge. 

Individual Collection and Storage

Saint Storage does not provide self-storage. We offer fully-managed storage. This means Saint Storage will have the sole responsibility of storing and delivering of the goods. A customer cannot store and collect their own goods. A delivery will need to be arranged with our team.

Non-Collection of Items

The items that are not booked for delivery before the end Freshers week in September will be considered a late delivery and will be treated as such.


Terms for Delivery and Collection

It is the responsibility of the customer to check immediately after delivery the contents which had been stored by  Saint Storage to ascertain whether there has been any kind of damage. In the event where damage is ascertained, the Saint Storage delivery team should be notified and shown the damage before they depart the customer’s address. Saint Storage will not under any circumstances accept liability for any damage that is reported after the Saint Storage has left the address of the delivery.

Our Rights to Resell Goods to Recover Payment for Default of Payment

When a customer defaults in the payment of storage and/or delivery charges, we will retain all or some of the customer’s goods up to the point where the customer makes full payment for all services owed to us.

The payment will be based on the agreed charges before or after the termination of the agreement.

We will exercise its discretion in terms of reselling the goods which may be through a public sale or private sale for the purposes of obtaining proceedings from the sale that will be used in settling the debt.

The proceeds that will be obtained from the resale will be used first to pay for the services rendered by us and thereafter administration costs. The remainder of the proceeds from the sale will be for the benefit of the customer.  The remainder of the amount which the customer is a beneficiary will not earn any interest.

In circumstances where the proceeds of the sale are not adequate to cater for the debt owed to us, the customer will be required to pay the amount that will be outstanding. We will send a demand to the customer and the customer is required within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of the demand, to settle the debt owed to us. Please note that interest will be charged on the remainder of the balance of the debt up to the time when the customer will service the debt in full.

Goods not stored by us

Saint Storage will not store the following goods for reasons of safety and for insurance purposes:


Insurance coverage will be provided for any items that are stored by us up to a maximum limit of £100 per billed item. For the avoidance of doubt, each box is treated as a single item. If the customer requires further insurance coverage, the customer should make this known to us at the time of making of the booking. For shipping items these are insured to the maximum value of £25.00 only.

Despite the provision for insurance, Saint Storage shall not cover the following goods:

If the customer has not organised for delivery of their goods after the designated delivery dates are over, the insurance coverage will not apply to such goods and in this case, a customer cannot make a claim under the terms and conditions.

Authority to Destroy Goods

If in an attempt to resale the goods, the goods are not sold for whatever reason, the customer authorises us to treat them as abandoned and dispose or destroy the goods at the cost of the customer.

Ownership of the Goods Stored

The customer warrants that the goods which are delivered for storage are property of the customer and that the customer has a legal right to store the items.