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Are you living in university owned accommodation? Book your free room pack and storage now.

2021 pricing

One low price for us to collect your things now (March, April or May 2021) and store them until September 2021, and then return them to you in St Andrews.

Collection in
March 2021 April 2021 May 2021
Our boxes
Our good strong boxes. 50cm x 30cm x 30xcm. Up to 15kg
£25 £20 £15
Your box
Your own boxes. Up to 50x50x50cm. Up to 20kg
£40 £35 £30
Any suitcase, holdall or backpack up to 20kg.
£60 £50 £40
Bike £80 £70 £60

We can also pack your things - just email for us for a price.

Reserve now

The quote is based on collection in March, you'll be charged less if we collect later. The price you actually depends on the stuff you store and when we collect it.

How it works

We only work for students at the University of St Andrews. That lets us keep our prices low, and still offer a great service with a smile. Here's what happens when you book storage with us.

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What people ask us

Can I return the standard boxes that are unused without incurring a fee?
Yes. Just return the unused boxes to the the collection team at no extra cost.
Do you provide boxes?
We only provide our strong standard boxes. If you need larger or smaller boxes, you need to source them yourself.
How do I arrange delivery of my items?
We'll email you in August and you'll be able to choose a date in September for us to bring your things back to your new address.
What happens if I need my things back during the summer?
You must request early delivery when making your booking with us or inform the collection team when they are collecting your items (there is a charge for this service). Unless this is done, due to the volume of items in our warehouse it is unlikely that we will be able to bring your items back otherwise until our re-delivery window starts again (mid-August). If you didn’t notify us, but still require your items back before the start of term then please send us an e-mail and we will do our best to return the items but this may not be possible.
Where do you collect from/deliver items to?
If you stay in a private flat we will collect/deliver your items from the ground floor or the entrance of your block/reception area. For halls of residence we collect and deliver items to reception/main entrance areas.
When do I pay for my booking?
You pay when we collect your things for storage. You can pay by cash or by credit/debit card (at no additional cost).
Do I need to label my items?
We'll label your things with a reference number but it's a good idea to write your name on your items. It makes things faster, and means there's no chance of your things getting confused with other people's in a busy hall reception area.
What if I want to store more/less after I have already booked my order?
No problem! Simply email us with the details of any changes, pack your goods and make them ready for the collection day. Our collection team will update the cost when they arrive at your address to collect the goods. In case you need more standard boxes the team will deliver them prior to your chosen collection day.
What happens if I want delivery before September?
Early deliveries (i.e before September) are not free. We charge a fee which represents to cost to us in having our staff locate and load your items from our warehouse, as well as sending over a van. The fee will be shown before you book a re-delivery. Deliveries in September are always free.
Can I collect my items from your warehouse?
Unfortunately this is strictly prohibited. Items can only be delivered out of our warehouse, we cannot allow any access except for our staff due to health and safety issues as well as from a security viewpoint.

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